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Having Trouble Finding the Right Job? A Legal Recruiter Can Help!

What do new lawyers have to worry about, you ask? From the perspective of a senior lawyer in a top-tier firm,not much. But we know they have plenty to worry about. And one of their biggest concerns is about who’s going to hire them. Most Canadians just assume that a barrister is automatically going to get a very good job because of their education and the profession they are in, but that’s just not true. After the financial crash of 2008, people and institutions stopped hiring to save money. Employers were so panicked that official reports of the extent of the damage was initially grossly under-reported to the news media.

In Canada this year, much of this was confirmed in the the annual fee and compensation survey published by Canadian Lawyer magazine. This survey showed that the legal profession in Canada never fully recovered from the 2008 crash. In fact, several items concerning the effects of this slowdown were clearly detailed in the article. These items included income numbers which showed that the median income for a first year Canadian associate actually declined over 12% from the initial income of an associate in 2010. Knowing these facts, is there a way compensate for this new reality in your job search? It might surprise you to find that there actually is a way that you can compensate.

In the search for legal jobs in Canada, especially a job as a barrister or an associate at a law firm, the use of a top Toronto legal recruiter is highly recommended. The best place to look for one, of course, is in the largest metropolitan areas in Canada. This means that you first need to look for a Toronto legal recruiter like The Heller Group who can help you manageyour valuable time and your resources and lead you straight to the positions that are more likely to get your career off the ground, or keep it off the ground during tough economic times.

Despite the current circumstances, which may still look a little grim, there is hope for hard working lawyers. A well-known Toronto legal recruiter like The Heller Group can help you maximize the effectiveness of your job search by using their acquired expertise and their contacts. Hiring a top rated recruiter will also definitely shorten the time you might have spent unemployed and unassisted. Not only will they do an individual search for you and help you prepare for interviews, but they also generally have clients searching for the best legal talent, and they’ll work to represent you as part of that group. It all boils down to the fact that with expert legal recruiting services from The Heller Group, you will get twice the bang for your buck. Don’t waste your time worrying about what to do next. Contact an agency and get ahead in the game!